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The North Carolina Council on Economic Education: Teaching Economics for Life

Since 1970, the North Carolina Council on Economic Education (NCCEE) has been committed to bringing economic, financial, and entrepreneurship education to every classroom in North Carolina. We are a non-profit, educational organization offering a variety of programs designed to teach students how to make wise decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. In 2018, NCCEE provided professional development for 714 NC teachers who in turn reached more than 107,100 students, the majority of whom were low to moderate income students. View the full report here.

Learning Economics and the Exercise of Freedom

If asked to select just one theme that best exemplifies the American experience, what would you select? According to noted documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, the main American theme is freedom. He observes that freedom comes in many dimensions, both individual and collective.

Individual freedoms include those commonly recognized, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, private property rights, and freedom of religion among others. In the United States each person also has the freedom to participate in our market economy and the opportunity to chart a unique course for his or her own life.

Economic education in our schools is critical because it equips young people with the essential decision-making skills to exercise the many personal and economic freedoms this country still provides.

Our collective economic freedom depends on every individual, not just economists, understanding the basic principles which underlie our free enterprise system. The American economy is the quintessential intersection between individual and collective freedoms.

The principles of economics are not intuitive for most people. The best chance we have for successfully addressing our country’s many challenges is through economic education in our K-12 schools, and that is the mission of the NCCEE.

We genuinely appreciate your support of our important work.  


Are you a K-12 teacher in North Carolina? If you are interested in attending economic and financial literacy workshops and courses or are interested in bringing competitions and more to your students, NCCEE offers all the resources you'll need. Request a speaker or explore our curriculum offerings, workshops and academic competitions to get started.


If you have a passion for economic education and would like to be a volunteer with NCCEE, we’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re interested in teaching financial literacy or volunteering your time at an event, we truly appreciate your investment in the education of North Carolina’s students.


Are you interested in becoming a supporter of the North Carolina Council on Economic Education? There are a number of ways you can contribute to NCCEE, including becoming a member or sponsor or donating to our non-profit organization.

All donations to NCCEE are completely tax deductible and are vital in bringing economic education programs to primary and secondary school classrooms across North Carolina.


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