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Curriculum Offerings from the NCCEE

NCCEE is proud to offer the highest-quality educational curricula for teachers from the Council for Economic Education. Developed by educators, each program corresponds to state and national standards in economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship. 

Below is a small sampling of available programs. For a comprehensive list of available programs, visit the Council for Economic Education's resources page.

  • Math in the Real World-Many economics and personal finance concepts overlap with math curriculum, but economics and personal finance teachers are not trained to teach complex calculations and formulas, and math teachers may not focus on the personal finance and economic applications. A new CEE resource, Math in the Real World, brings together the expertise of math teachers and economics teachers to create interdisciplinary lessons that teach important personal finance and economic concepts in the context of math lessons. 

  • The Gen i Revolution consists of fifteen interactive missions in which students complete a variety of activities to help them learn important personal finance concepts. Within each mission, students are introduced to a character who is facing a particular financial crisis. As a part of the Gen i Revolution, the student learns about the crisis, strategically selects “Operatives”, and then completes activities with the ultimate goal of solving the mission. The competitive nature as well as the engaging activities provides a motivating learning environment for students. Combined with the Learning, Earning and Investing® print materials, the Gen i Revolution provides a comprehensive investor education program that your students will love. To learn more about each of the fifteen missions sign up today!


  • Virtual Economics - The Virtual Economics CD-ROM is an interactive tool that helps teachers understand the most important concepts in economics and personal finance and find the right lessons to teach these concepts at the appropriate grade level. Search through a database of more than 1,200 lessons by grade level, concept, and national or state economic education standards, then view and print unlimited lesson plans. The CD-ROM also contains interactive explanations of 51 key economic concepts and a glossary with more than 500 economic terms and definitions.
  • Financial Fitness for Life - Financial Fitness for Life is a comprehensive K-12 program consisting of teacher resource manuals, student workbooks, parent guides, interactive activities, and a CD-ROM designed to help students apply economics and decision-making skills to the real world of earning and spending an income, savings, using credit, investing and managing money.
  • Learning, Earning and Investing - Learning, Earning and Investing is a comprehensive, multi-faceted investor education program for students in grades 4-12. The 16-lesson middle school print book and 23-lesson high school print book is designed to teach the benefits of and strategies for long-term investing success. In addition, the companion website offers a wide array of current investment data, investment education links, downloadable classroom visuals, interactive lessons, and classroom-tested print lessons for students. The program is a perfect companion for Gen i Revolution.


  • Choices - If you knew then just a little of what you know now, wouldn’t it have been easier?

CHOICES keeps teens "into" school!  CHOICES is an interactive decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. In two hour-long sessions, business and community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. For information on how to have a CHOICES workshop facilitated at your school with your students, please contact NCCEE at 919.791.1995 or 866.606.2233.


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NCCEE is an affiliate of the Council for Economic Education.

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