EPF Master Teacher Program

Do you have a passion for economics and financial literacy? Do you always find yourself sharing tips and tricks with colleagues? Are you someone that enjoys thinking outside of the box and presenting exciting material? If so, the EPF Master Teacher program may be perfect for you!

NCCEE is seeking at least 2 teachers from each North Carolina State Board of Education District to designate as EPF Master Teachers. These individuals will be equipped to conduct professional development sessions during the summer on behalf of NCCEE. The requirements for consideration are listed below.

● Must be a licensed teacher
● Must attend one of the 40-hour EPF training courses conducted by NCCEE
● Attend a one-day NCCEE professional development session during the calendar year
● Participate in a single day EPF Master Teacher training session
● Successfully complete the Everfi digital literacy module
● Pass the W!SE financial literacy certification exam
● Pass the TEL exam
● Participate in an interview
● Conduct a lesson demonstration
● Obtain permission and a letter of recommendation from an administrator

What’s In It For Teachers?
● Conduct professional development on NCCEE’s behalf and earn money for doing so!
● NCCEE will reimburse or provide lodging, travel, meals and supplies.
● EPF Master Teachers will be contracted to present professional development for NCCEE as needed.



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