Invest in Girls - Financial Literacy for Girls

The purpose of the Invest in Girls program is to give all girls access to financial education that allows them to make smart personal financial decisions, pursue financial careers, and become active community participants.

Our Model: Educate. Inspire. Connect.

Tier 3 – Ecosystem Integration: Advanced Career Exploration
Tier 2 – Career Access: Intermediate Exploration of Careers in Finance and Financial Services
Tier 1 – Foundational Concepts: Basics of Personal Finance and Investing

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Money Management for Kids

Our newest program, Invest in Girls is our three-pronged approach to teaching girls to make smart financial choices, connect them with women in the finance industry, and to encourage them to pursue a career in the finance industry.

Classroom Workshops

Our classroom workshops engage high school girls in a learning environment to give them important knowledge and skills in budgeting, personal finance, investing, college debt,taxes, insurance, philanthropic giving, etc.

Role Model Exchange

Our “Role Model Exchange Days” are set up so that a panel of women from partner organizations or individual volunteers with a background or expertise in finance come to the classroom and talk about their experiences. This is a great way for girls to learn there are options for all types of personalities and skill sets in financial services.

Industry Trips

We regularly organize industry trips that allow girls to meet women working in the financial industry first-hand. This way they’re regularly exposed to new career path opportunities, while making valuable connections and gaining financial knowledge along the way.

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Our turnkey program makes a dramatic difference in the lives of the girls we help. After participating in the Invest in Girls program, survey results show that girls’ confidence in financial literacy topics rose by 220%.

With 90% of girls recognizing that it’s important for them to know how to manage money, the time to empower young ladies with the knowledge to help them gain important financial skills has never been better.

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