Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week is a national collaboration between thousands of different financial institutions and organizations that organize events, workshops, and programs to help consumers manage their personal finances better.

Does your organization promote financial literacy? Join the Money Smart Week partners of North Carolina in providing financial literacy events during the week of April 4-11, 2020.

Money Smart Week Partner Responsibilities

  • Partners should provide vision, leadership, and general direction to third-party sponsors/presenters.
  • Participating organizations should appoint a representative to manage Money Smart Week activities and to attend monthly planning meetings leading up to the event.
  • Partners should implement marketing and/or promotional materials for their individual events to build attendance. General Money Smart Week promotional materials will be made available to help with media efforts.
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Money Smart Week Partner Guidelines And Ethics

  • All workshops, seminars and activities should be educational in nature and actively support attendees in improving their knowledge, behaviors, and habits related to personal finances – from basic savings to advanced investment strategies.
  • Sales pitches and/or commercial marketing are prohibited. Violators will be dismissed from the program in accordance with Federal Reserve policy.
  • Workshops, seminars, and activities should be free and open to the public.

Private events are permitted for appropriate audiences such as students, employees, and professional groups, but will not be posted on the Money Smart Week public calendar on the website. The event should still be submitted on the Money Smart Week website so that a private event page and link can be created and shared with your attendees and the event can be counted as part of the Money Smart Week campaign.

Financial Literacy Events - Money Smart Week 2020

If you’re looking for Money Smart Week events near you, then the organization’s website has a search feature that allows you to find nearby events based on your zip code. From there, you can also filter by topic, audience, and the event date.

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