Getting Families to Talk Finance All Across NC!

It’s been a successful couple of weeks of Family Financial Fun Nights at both North Hills Elementary School and Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary School! There were a total of 120 students and family members in attendance. At North Hills Elementary, activities were offered for K-2 students and their families, while over at Monticello-Brown Summit, activities ranged for grades K-5. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we offered hands-on activities for parents and students covering financial concepts like the earning money, budgeting, saving, and needs vs. wants. Just in the past few months, NCCEE has hosted 10 Family Financial Fun Nights for grades K-12 all across NC. It’s been a great year for financial empowerment in NC schools!

Would you like to see this event at your school?
Contact Stephanie Cales at for more info!

These Family Financial Fun Nights were made possible in part by generous funding from State Farm and the Council for Economic Education.

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