Investing 101 Professional Development Offered by NCCEE

In November, 46 educators completed the virtual, self-paced Investing 101 professional development offered by NCCEE. Six Fidelity Investments volunteers participated in creating Q&A style videos covering personal finance and investing basics, retirement, building wealth, types of investments, and other miscellaneous investing topics.

One teacher said, “Length and content [of the videos by industry professionals] was perfect; long enough to cover the topics, but not so long as to be discouraging. Topics dealt with were right on target for my teaching needs.”

After completing Investing 101, 98% reported this workshop better prepared them to teach personal finance. Additionally, 74% of attendees will invest more for retirement and pay down unsecured debt.

Of the professional development, another educator noted, “It was great- I am a saver and my husband and I don’t have any debt except for our mortgage. We have good investments for the future- but now I feel better able to help make decisions- in the past I have listened but not been an active participant in saving and investing.”

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