The Stock Market Game™ Winners are Announced!

May 6, 2021
Sandy Wheat, 919-791-1995, 

Congratulations to all Stock Market Game™ students and teachers during the 2020-2021 school year! It is with great distinction that we announce the state champions and regional winning teams. The Stock Market Game™ (SMG( was made possible by generous funding from our program partners at Ally and the Coastal Credit Union Foundation. Teachers consistently tell us about the positive influence our programs have on their students. The SMG is a virtual stock market simulation where 4th – 12th-grade students work in teams to invest $100,000 in the global capital markets-everything is real except the money. Students take a deep dive into economics, investing and personal finance which helps prepare students for a financially independent future. The program is proven to improve student attendance, engagement, class participation, and improved academic performance, especially in math.

We commend the State Champions on their great accomplishments!

2020 Fall Session –  Team NC_15_A11 from Triangle Math and Science Academy, teacher Albert Daino
2020-2021 Yearlong SessionTeam NC_20_A19 from Wildwood Forest Elementary School, teacher Jason Daniels
2021 Spring SessionTeam NC_43_ZZ871 from Smith Middle School, teacher Tony Carter

2020 Coastal Credit Union Triangle Challenge
Team NC_15_ZZ257 from Fox Road Elementary School, teacher Linda Robinson
Team NC_15_A11 from Triangle Math And Science Academy, teacher Albert Daino
Team NC_15_A24 from Athens Drive High School, teacher Juatina Dunham

2021 Coastal Credit Union Triangle Challenge
Team NC_43_ZZ483 from Sterling Montessori Academy, teacher May Quan
Team NC_43_ZZ871 from Smith Middle School, teacher Tony Carter
Team NC_43_ZZ339 from the Y.E.S. Consortium, coach Kimberly Knox

North Carolina Capitol Challenge
Team NC_20_ZZ341 from West End Elementary School, teacher Melissa Sheppard. Championed by Rep. James Boles, Jr.
Team NC_20_ZZ98 from Guilford Middle School, teacher Joanie Oates. Championed by Sen. Amy S. Galey
Team NC_43_ZZ130 from Highland School of Technology, teacher Dan Froehlich. Championed by Sen. Kathy Harrington

2020-2021 winning teams by region: 2020 Fall Session, 2021 Spring Session, and 2020-2021 Yearlong Session.

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