The Wall Street Journal | Could You Pass Sixth Grade Economics by Nina Sovich

This article highlights how 6th grade teacher April Higgins learned to teach economic theory to her children via CEE’s professional development workshops. Findings from CEE’s 2016 Survey of the States are cited throughout the article and bring attention to our core mission. The article makes a strong case for why it’s essential that we continue to provide teachers with the resources and tools to be able to ensure our kids are knowledgeable about economics and personal finance. Click here to download the article.

Knowledge@Wharton Radio Interview Sirius Ch. 111

Yesterday, I was on air with host Dan Lomey discussing our 2016 Survey of the States and how economics and personal finance can be integrated into the required curricula within U.S. History, Math, Social Studies and other subjects. I also spoke about how important it is for parents to talk openly to their kids about money.

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