Family Financial Fun Night Comes to Red Springs High School and Bessemer Elementary!

NCCEE hosted two more successful Family Financial Fun Nights yesterday with the help of some incredible volunteers! Family Financial Fun Nights are after-school events that teach money management skills through hands on activities. 236 students and family members attended and improved their personal finance skills. For Red Springs High School, students and their families participated in activities like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” a true or false game debunking common myths about how millionaires earn and maintain their finances.
At Bessemer Elementary, stations were set up with hands on activities. One station had students carefully budget their “beans” or coins to purchase all the things necessary to own a dog. It was an educationally packed night full of fun, interactive learning, and financial empowerment.
Would you like to see a Family Financial Fun Night at your school? Contact Stephanie Cales at for more info!

This Family Financial Fun Night was made possible in part by generous funding from State Farm and the Council for Economic Education.

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