EPF Summer Institute: Teachers Across NC Making a Difference

Educators across the state attended the summer EPF Institute to prepare themselves to teach Economics and Personal Finance, a course that was made mandatory in order to graduate high school starting in 2019. The class focuses on preparing students for life after high school by focusing on key understandings of personal finance and economics, as it relates to everyday life. With each passing year, a monumental impact is brought to students. To date, 305,972 North Carolina students benefit every year from better prepared teachers who have attended the EPF Institute. One teacher in attendance stated that, “There was an abundance of resources presented so I feel much better prepared to teach this course. The availability of resources will allow me to fully plan this course to the best of my ability. The resources were informative and fit the needs of students in my area.”  You can find the full 2020-2023 EPF report here, as well as all other upcoming workshops and events.

This program was made possible in part by funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and numerous other partners. For a full list of partners view the comprehensive report on NCCEE’s homepage

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